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Feel Good Friday – 27 Apr 2012 – Friday’s Story – Josh Hinds – Fear No More

Friday, April 27th, 2012

I Am Not Afraid

Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Scaredy Cat

An Excerpt from Courage: Overcoming Fear & Igniting Self-Confidence

By Debbie Ford


From as far back as I can remember, they used to call me Scaredy Cat. I was known as little scrawny Debbie Ford who hid beneath her mother’s dress, ran from anyone who wanted to say hello, and could never fall asleep without the lights on. Always in fear that somebody was going to leap out of the shadows and hurt me, I learned to hide in corners and sneak peeks at what was going on around me. I wasn’t more than two years old before I became the neighborhood child who got teased, taunted, and made the brunt of too many stupid pranks. I was vulnerable and scared. I was the youngest of three children and found out early on that no one was going to protect me. It was clear by my third birthday that my older sister, whom I idolized, and my brother, whom I believed to be my savior, were bored with my Scaredy Cat act and wished I would grow up and be normal like them.


As I got older, I learned that scaredy cats weren’t widely accepted. Just like with my brother and sister, I could see that my guarded and anxious persona wasn’t very appealing out in the world. I wanted to be strong and confident but instead I was suspicious and fearful. Everything about who I was embarrassed me. I was awkward and yet wanted nothing more than to fit in and have the confidence of my older sister Arielle. With her long dark hair, she was the shining star who never seemed to be bothered by anything. I began a search to discover how I could feel that way too.


Controlled by my fear and my deeply ingrained insecurities, I made a dramatic decision to turn into the girl that I thought others wanted me to be, not the girl that I was. I began to cover up my authentic, kind nature with a new “I don’t give a crap” attitude. And my warm and loving heart quickly grew cold, turning away from feelings of playfulness, affection, and compassion and toward cynicism and belligerence. The pain, humiliation and fear drove me to become someone other than who I was. I created an outer shell that would protect me and yet separate me from my inner truth. But it was a price I was willing to pay. I no longer would have access to the real me as I became a self-hater who lost the courage to feel her emotions or to be seen as she was.


By my early 20′s, I had, I believe, successfully created an outer image that would trick even the best investigator. But after years of working that façade, it cracked open once again when I lost control of the drugs I had started using to fuel my false confidence. I became a pretty girl with a bad problem, otherwise known as a drug addict. When I knew I would have to get help or die, I checked into one drug treatment center after another. When I knew that I had finally reached my last chance, I let go and, as life would have it, I found peace. On the dirty bathroom floor of my fourth drug treatment center, I connected with a power greater than myself. For the first time, I went from scared, insecure, lonely, and weak to peaceful, present, and confident.


This connection happened in just a few moments. Without drugs, sugar, a man, or money, I found the courage to fight my addiction and win the internal war that was waging within. I found my power and inner strength, and for the first time in my life, I felt free and knew that I had discovered the golden key to confidence and courage. When I finally got up off that bathroom floor, I knew that all along I had been missing something inside myself – this inner connection. This power hidden within me was trying to deliver a message that would change my life.


Now I love and nurture the Scaredy Cat part of myself. I don’t try to make it go away or be anything other than what it is — a part of me that carries my fear. When I fail to acknowledge and have compassion for my fearful self, I wind up in a downward spiral of negativity. Sound familiar? When I acknowledge my fear and stay open to the gifts that it holds, I have access to the confidence and courage that I need to be authentically who I am.


Although suppressed fear is the culprit behind terrible suffering, when fear is embraced it acts as the fuel that propels you into a world of courage and confidence. Befriended fear is a worthy ally urging us to move forward in the areas of our lives where we are unfulfilled or emotionally challenged.


If fear is stopping you from reaching your goals, getting the love you want, asking for what you need or being bold and audacious to be the powerful you that you were born to be, then there is only one thing missing, and that is courage. I’m excited to share the process I’ve outlined in my new book Courage: Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self-Confidence with you: Click here to get all the details.




Debbie Ford is a New York Times bestselling author of nine books and an internationally acclaimed teacher, speaker, transformational coach, film-maker and expert in the field of personal transformation. She has guided tens of thousands of extraordinary people to learn to love, trust and embrace all of who they are. Debbie is the founder of The Ford Institute for Transformational Training, the renowned personal and professional training organization which offers emotional and spiritual education based on her body of work to individuals and organizations around the world. She is also the creator and leader of The Shadow Process Retreat.


*******Wow.  This story really touched me.  When I got to the part where Debbie Ford talked about her metamorphosis on the bathroom floor of her fourth rehab, emotion hit me like a brick.  I felt a huge pang in my heart for the girl on the floor.  Fear is devastating, life-altering and damaging.  It holds you back.  Makes you weak.  Keeps you down.  But, if you learn to play off of your fears, you can accomplish magnificent feats.  One of my fears has been singing in front of a small number of closely scrutinizing individuals, but I have learned to twist it into nothing but a positive experience.  Now, if someone asks me to sing.  I just do it.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Last night, I was singing in the bathroom of a club I was at and a Pistons’ cheerleader told me to try out to sing the National Anthem at a game. Whoa!!!  I was just having fun, but she heard me and liked what she heard enough to tell me how to go about getting an audition.  Fear can be crippling, but conquering it is always life-changing.  I plan on conquering each and every one of my fears.  Except spiders and heights.  Spiders have way too many legs, move too fast and are quite creepy looking and heights…that’s self-explanatory because I’m quite the grounded individual and I plan on staying that way. :)*******





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Motivational Story Of The Day – 17 Feb 2011 – Friday’s Story – Taming The Lion

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Motivational Quote Of The Day – 17 Feb 2011 – Friday’s Story – Taming The Lion


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cover of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Something Worth Dying For

As Valentine’s week draws to a close, my mind wanders to Nell and Jim Hamm, who in 2007 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. A month before this milestone the couple decided to take a hike in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park situated in Northern California. There, on this walk, just days before their 50th wedding anniversary, Jim was attacked by a 200 pound, eight foot long mountain lion.

This lion, pouncing seemingly from the sky, pinned Jim to the ground. Nell, age 65, didn’t even hear the animal. She turned to find Jim, 70 years young, underneath the lion with his head partially in the animal’s mouth. “He didn’t scream,” Nell later said. “It was a different, horrible plea for help.”

The next few minutes were a fight for life. It was seeing everything important to the couple flashing before their eyes. It was pain and blood and sweat but most of all, love. Nell could have run. She could have gone for help, but she didn’t. There, before her was the most important thing in her life, something worth dying for.

With that in mind she reacted, grabbing a log and begun beating the animal. When that didn’t work, she took a pen from Jim’s pocket and tried to stab one of the eyes of the mountain lion. She poked until the pen was bent and unusable.then she picked up the log again and beat. She beat and beat.

It worked, the lion finally backed off. He looked at Nell one last time and disappeared into the foliage. Nell was afraid to leave her bleeding and dazed husband. She was able to move him about a quarter of a mile to a trail head where she covered him with branches, to protect against another attack then waited for help.

“She saved his life, there’s no doubt about that” said a spokesman for the Department of Fish and Game. When asked if she was a hero however, Nell shook her head no. “You hear remarks of hero. It wasn’t that. We love each other very much.”

In that moment, Nell found one thing in her life worth dying for.she was willing to go toe to toe with a powerful animal and risk her own life for her husband and for their life together. And some do lay down their lives for powerful and positive purposes; some of these purposes are saving another, for our freedom, for a child.But dying for most of us isn’t about literally wrestling mountain lions to free a loved one. Instead, dying might be confronting our fears and anxieties to help our loved one. Dying might be doing something we don’t like, because he/she does. Or, dying might simply be biting our tongue instead of speaking out and hurting another’s feelings.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. may have said it best, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Die a little today for something powerful and positive that is worth dying for.and in so doing save your life and another’s along the way.Happy Valentine’s week!

Matt Forck, CSP & JLW


Matt Forck is a keynote speaker, author and columnist. Matt and his family reside in Columbia MO. Check out Matt’s motivational books, Check Up From the Neck Up-101 Ways to Get Your Head in the Game of Life and Gutsy – - Go Until Time Stops You! by clicking this link; And, contact Matt through the web,

*******What a great story.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes.  To love someone so much to risk your life for is true love.  I do have people I would risk my life for in my life currently and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  Do you have someone similar?  I sincerely hope you do because that brings meaning to your life.  No one is saying you have to live for another, it’s just that when you do, life takes a whole different turn.  Try being a parent.  These children we bring into this world depend on us for life.  What a huge burden to bear.  If the job of a parent is taken seriously, one would relish in teaching another human being the ways of life.  Do or don’t do.  Do or die.  Do or get done.  Live and let live.  It is all quite simplistic until you come to laying your life on the line for someone you love.  It isn’t easy and it isn’t hard if you look at it the correct way.  Loving someone to possible death is the greatest love of all.  If you have someone in your life that fits this bill, cherish them.  ’Til death do you part.*******

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Motivational Story Of The Day – 27 Jan 2012 – Michael D. Hargrove – Don't Hope Friend…Decide!

Friday, January 27th, 2012
A stitched panorama of downtown Portland, OR a...

Image via Wikipedia

Don’t Hope, Friend…Decide!

While waiting to pick up a friend at the airport in Portland, Oregon, I had one of those life changing experiences that you hear other people talk about. You know, the kind that sneaks up on you unexpectedly? Well, this one occurred a mere two feet away from me!

Straining to locate my friend among the passengers deplaning through the jetway, I noticed a man coming toward me carrying two light bags. He stopped right next to me to greet his family.

First, he motioned to his youngest son (maybe six years old) as he laid down his bags. They gave each other a long, and movingly loving hug. As they separated enough to look in each other’s face, I heard the father say, “It’s so good to see you, son. I missed you so much!” His son smiled somewhat shyly, diverted his eyes, and replied softly, “Me too, Dad!”

Then the man stood up, gazed in the eyes of his oldest son (maybe 9 or 10) and while cupping his son’s face in his hands he said, “You’re already quite the young man. I love you very much Zach!” They too hugged a most loving, tender hug. His son said nothing. No reply was necessary.

While this was happening, a baby girl (perhaps one or one and a half) was squirming excitedly in her mother’s arms, never once taking her little eyes off the wonderful sight of her returning father. The man said, “Hi babygirl!” as he gently took the child from her mother. He quickly kissed her face all over and then held her close to his chest while rocking her from side to side. The little girl instantly relaxed and simply laid her head on his shoulder and remained motionless in total pure contentment.

After several moments, he handed his daughter to his oldest son and declared, “I’ve saved the best for last!” and proceeded to give his wife the longest, most passionate kiss I ever remember seeing. He gazed into her eyes for several seconds and then silently mouthed, “I love you so much!” They stared into each other’s eyes, beaming big smiles at one another, while holding both hands. For an instant, they reminded me of newlyweds but I knew by the age of their kids that they couldn’t be. I puzzled about it for a moment, then realized how totally engrossed I was in the wonderful display of unconditional love not more than an arm’s length away from me. I suddenly felt uncomfortable, as if I were invading something sacred, but was amazed to hear my own voice nervously ask, “Wow! How long have you two been married?”

“Been together fourteen years total, married twelve of those,” he replied without breaking his gaze from his lovely wife’s face. “Well then, how long have you been away?” I asked. The man finally looked at me, still beaming his joyous smile and told me, “Two whole days!”

Two days?! I was stunned! I was certain by the intensity of the greeting I just witnessed that he’d been gone for at least several weeks, if not months, and I know my expression betrayed me. So I said almost offhandedly, hoping to end my intrusion with some semblance of grace (and to get back to searching for my friend), “I hope my marriage is still that passionate after twelve years!”

The man suddenly stopped smiling. He looked me straight in the eye, and with an intensity that burned right into my soul, he told me something that left me a different person. He told me, “Don’t hope friend…decide.” Then he flashed me his wonderful smile again, shook my hand and said, “God bless!” With that, he and his family turned and energetically strode away together.

I was still watching that exceptional man and his special family walk just out of sight when my friend came up to me and asked, “What’cha looking at?” Without hesitating, and with a curious sense of certainty, I replied, “My future!”

Michael D. Hargrove

© Copyright 1997 by Michael D. Hargrove. All rights reserved. Used with author’s permission. Visit Michael’s website at:


*******What a nice story.  I couldn’t help but to have a sweet smile on my face after reading this. I guess I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic.  I’ve never been loved by someone I’ve loved.  I’m still not discouraged because I know the perfect man for me is out there and I will meet him soon.  I have decided.  I want what the couple in the story have and I will get it…guaranteed.*******

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Motivational Story Of The Day – 13 Jan 2012 – A Pot Of Panatunies – Tony Masiello

Friday, January 13th, 2012

English: A Petunia sp.

Image via Wikipedia

A Pot of Panatunies


As many times before, my gardening rituals brought about some thoughts. The other day I learned a lesson; but not one of which I didn’t already know. The lesson just became clearer because of my hands-on experience.


We have a large pot of panatunies growing in our back yard. You might ask, “What are panatunies?” When our daughter was about 3 years old she proclaimed the name of our petunias by combining the name pansies and petunias. We have used that name ever since to describe our petunias.


Just like roses, if you want more blooms to occur on your petunias, you need to snap off the dried up buds. I don’t mind at all dead-heading petunias or roses; in fact it’s rather relaxing. So here I was working with this big pot of petunias which are a beautiful deep purple. As I was standing on one side of the pot I picked all the dead ones I could see, and thought I was through. However as I began to move around the pot I began to see more and more of them. For awhile I thought I would never finish. I began to lift up the stems to discover more underneath.


The result I am always trying to bring about is to help maintain a nice looking pot of panatunies. This work always rewards me with new blooms. A few days of laziness had got me to this place and I was paying the price.


The thought that came to me is that if we procrastinate, we pay a price or even worse. We may have to do something over and over to keep the beauty of what we want to accomplish.


In other words, change your perception, your view. Heck, stand at a different spot if you have to. There are times (sometimes many) that you feel you’re going around in circles picking off old dried blooms, but what you are really doing is clearing up old negative garbage and being persistent trying out new ideas.


If you want your life to look and feel great there are times that you may have to do something over and over while you’re looking under your old beliefs and picking them off to bring forth new and vibrant ones.


Ideas with right action equal a great life, but if you don’t feel you’re there yet then go back to the pot of panatunies and start over again. You will then find your life enriched with new vibrant blooms.


© Tony Masiello 2008

Tony Masiello is an author, and intuitive consultant. He is the author of the e-book, Whispers from the Universe, which is a collection of writings that will help you, motivate you, inspire you and guide you along the inner path of your life. For more information or to contact Tony, go to his website:


*******For the first time I don’t have much to add to this post.  Tony painted a beautiful picture that has touched me and made me think.  As a bonus, I know I would have derived the same analogy from this story. I don’t mind repetitive actions as long as I will reap a reward from it.  Let’s pick some Panatunies people!!! :)*******

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Motivational Story Of The Day – 9 Dec 2011 – Max Lucado – Today I Will Make A Difference

Friday, December 9th, 2011
Max Lucado

Image by Flickr

Today I Will Make A Difference

Today I will make a difference. I will begin by controlling my thoughts. A person is the product of his thoughts. I want to be happy and hopeful. Therefore, I will have thoughts that are happy and hopeful. I refuse to be victimized by my circumstances. I will not let petty inconveniences such as stoplights, long lines, and traffic jams be my masters. I will avoid negativism and gossip. Optimism will be my companion, and victory will be my hallmark. Today I will make a difference.

I will be grateful for the twenty-four hours that are before me. Time is a precious commodity. I refuse to allow what little time I have to be contaminated by self-pity, anxiety, or boredom. I will face this day with the joy of a child and the courage of a giant. I will drink each minute as though it is my last. When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever. While it is here, I will use it for loving and giving. Today I will make a difference.

I will not let past failures haunt me. Even though my life is scarred with mistakes, I refuse to rummage through my trash heap of failures. I will admit them. I will correct them. I will press on. Victoriously. No failure is fatal. It’s OK to stumble…I will get up. It’s OK to fail…I will rise again. Today I will make a difference.

I will spend time with those I love. My spouse, my children, my family. A man can own the world but be poor for the lack of love. A man can own nothing and yet be wealthy in relationships. Today I will spend at least five minutes with the significant people in my world. Five quality minutes of talking or hugging or thanking or listening. Five undiluted minutes with my mate, children, and friends.

Today I will make a difference.

Max Lucado
From “On The Anvil
Copyright (Tyndale Publishing, 1985) Max Lucado, Used by Permission


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