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Tuesday’s Tip – 10 Dec 2013 – Old Saint El Cheapo

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Old Saint El Cheapo

Looks like it's gonna be an Old Saint El Cheapo kind of year!


*******Are you a little low on funds at the most glorious time of the year???  Fret no more my friend…there’s a site out there with gift ideas just for those not banking on a fortune this season.  At

they have everything from an Italian cheesemaking kit for $24.95 to a Cup of Cake for $23!  I’m sold!!!  See you in the checkout lane. ;-)*******

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Saturday’s Single – 21 Sept 2013 – Blue Hawaii – Sierra Lift – YouTube

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Saturday’s Single – 21 Sept 2013 – Blue Hawaii – Sierra Lift – YouTube

Image representing Rdio as depicted in CrunchBase

Image by None via CrunchBase

*******I have no idea how Blue Hawaii snuck into my cerebral cortex, but it did and I welcome it’s covert attack.  They sound like their name (if that is even possible)…smooth, relaxing and comforting.  I can visit a vacation spot just by listening to their album.  “Sierra Lift” is the song I chose to present them to you because it’s ethereal beauty leaves me speechless as I sway to its bass-driven beat and out-of-this world melodic vocals.  I sincerely hope you are as moved as I am by Blue Hawaii.  I found their album on Rdio about two weeks ago and it’s been on replay in my “Collection” since.*******

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Thursday’s Throwback – 5 Sept 2013 – Weak – SWV – YouTube

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Weak – SWV – YouTube

*******Remember the “hot” cell phone and pager featured at 1:29 and 2:01???  Those were the days!  And let’s not get started on how many licks it took to get to the Tootsie Pop!  Let’s just keep that to our old selves… ;)*******

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Tuesday’s Tip – 2 July 2013 – Pasting Bands

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Pasting Bands

*******Thought you didn’t have any other use for that grand old tube of toothpaste of yours?  Do those stray rubber bands annoy you?  Put them to good use with these tips!  I have some DVD’s to buff…we’ll talk later… ;)*******

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Wednesday’s Wisdom – 12 Jun 2013 – Who Am I Without My Addiction?

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Who Am I Without My Addiction?

American Society of Addiction Medicine

American Society of Addiction Medicine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*******Boredom…Loneliness…Emptiness.  Food…alcohol…nicotine…porn–the minute you quit, you start to try figure out who you really are and/or who you used to be before you delved into the dark caverns of your addiction.  You twiddle your thumbs, rock back and forth, jump at every noise and pace your well-worn floors hoping for a “good-enough” alternative.  Is there one?  Maybe there’s more than one.  What if you find the next best thing?  Will it turn into another addiction, or will it be that one thing that fills you so completely you have no need to turn to past habits and will replace them with newer “healthier” ones?  The yawn-inspiring boredom can be filled with exciting new-found activities.  The loneliness can be eliminated with friends and family you may have cut out to nurture your “friendly” addiction.  The empty void can be filled with things that soar your spirits to heights past and unknown such as music, laughter, art, books, nature, cars, photography and like-minded groups.  Yes, it is tough discovering who you are without your addiction(s), but aren’t you worth discovering you happiness and worth?  Yes, you are.  Cheers to you and the you you didn’t know you are.*******

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Sunday’s Soul-Stirrer – 28 Apr 2013 – Relaxing Meditation Music with Inspiring Quotes – YouTube

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Relaxing Meditation Music with Inspiring Quotes – YouTube

Meditation balls with music inside

*******Here’s some beautiful relaxing music to get you in the zen zone with some very inspiring quotes to get your mind right…enjoy my friends. :)*******

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Monday’s Funnies – 18 Mar 2013 – 4 Year-Old YouTube Sensation Sings for Ellen

Monday, March 18th, 2013


Watch This 4 Year-Old Sing with All of His Heart!!!




Bruno Mars wears Benjamin Eyewear "Nicole...

Bruno Mars wears Benjamin Eyewear "Nicole" to the 2012 Grammy Awards (Photo credit: The Guise Archives)






*******This has to be the cutest and funniest video of a kid singing I’ve ever seen!!!  I laughed so hard and fell in love with this little tyke.  Oh, he sang “Grenade” with all of his little heart.  His mom, dad and Bruno Mars must be proud. ;)*******



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Sunday’s Song – 9 Dec 2012 – James Fortune & FIYA (feat. Monica & Fred Hammond) – Hold On – YouTube

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Sunday’s  – 9 Dec 2012 – James Fortune & FIYA (feat. Monica & Fred Hammond) – Hold On – YouTube

*******Just when you’ve lost your faith and you’re ready to give up all hope…hold on, He won’t let you down.*******

Tuesday’s Tip – 13 Nov 2012 – A Dollar Earned Is…A Nickel Saved?!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

What are we doing with our earned  income?!

This is a chart depicting two indicators of po...

This is a chart depicting two indicators of poverty for the world, developed countries, and developing countries. The indicators are: (1) the percentage of income earned by the poorest 20% (or quintile) in a country and (2) the percentage of people in a country living on less than $1 per day. The data for this chart come from the United Nations and the World Bank. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.
Charles A. Jaffe
*******Wait a minute.  Didn’t you just get paid from your job?  Where did it all go?  Oh, bills.  Right.  Wasn’t there anything left over?  Ok.  That’s good, but why do you only have pocket lint in your hand when you dig into your pocket?  What needed items did you buy?  What wanted items did you buy?  Which one tipped the scale?  The needed purchases, or the wanted ones?  I know there are things I have bought recently I could have done without.  Were they large purchases?  No.  But, they added up over time.  If you are on a budget like I am, you have to watch every dollar.  You may have to ask yourself if you really “need” a certain item when you pick it up at the store.  I can be seen talking to myself at the store, or standing still looking up at the ceiling while thinking whether I should put something into my cart or not.  Reason wins most of the time.  I just have to minimize the times I throw caution to the wind for momentary pleasure…for the time being.  There will come a day when I can take care of all of my responsibilities and have fun at the same time.  I will relish that day when it comes…and so will you.*******




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Song of the Day – 04 Sep 2012 – The Weeknd – Dirty Diana – Youtube

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

The Weeknd – Dirty Diana

*******Just when you thought a Michael Jackson cover song couldn’t hold its own weight…”*******


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